Below are links to some of my policies

Why an Independent

Independents are accountable to their electors.  Policies are generally robust and developed in the best interests of the communities they represent.  They are able to think for themselves and tend to advocate very strongly for the electorate.

Links to Independents

Tony Windsor Independent for New England

Cathy McGowan Independent for Indi


The Mission

As an Independent, my mission is to listen to individuals and groups within Eden Monaro to hear the issues at a grass roots level;  always advocate for the community; push as hard as we can to achieve a sustainable, well planned and economically viable Electorate.

Why not a party?

Political parties are designed to adhere to a particular ideology. This means the policy is determined by the parties, not by the candidates and party candidates must adhere to those policies, whether or not they are in the best interests of the community.

I ran (and did alright) in the NSW 2015 state election as an Independent candidate for the Upper House bit, known as the Legislative Council. I have previously campaigned and run in the Australian Federal Election during September 2013. 
Slightly considering wasting my time in the forthcoming 2016 Federal election.

I manage a scrap metal recycling business and now (also) operate and develop Solar PV farms across NSW.
Singleton Solar Farm is a 6 acre 407kW PV farm built in 1998- comprising two 200kW stages. I have plans to expand it up to 5 MW.
Superdome Solar Array is a 15 year old 70kW SolarPV array on a the Superdome Building in Sydney Olympic park- refurbishment work commences January 2015.

Nimmitabel Solar Farm has recently commenced construction, and is located within 50 acres of land where I operate the Scrap Metal yard. Nimmitabel is in Southern NSW, located at an elevation of 1100mtrs and is one of Australia's few Four-Seasons towns.

I have been largely self employed in the scrap metal business for 20 years now. I am an Electrical Fitter tradesman, with my skills covering nearly every (blokey) discipline imaginable.

I swear a little too much when I shouldn't- old habits can be hard to shake.