Andrew Thaler Independent Candidate for Eden-Monaro Lower House Election 2nd July, 2016

Why an Independent

Independents are accountable to their electors.  Policies are generally robust and developed in the best interests of the communities they represent.  They are able to think for themselves and tend to advocate very strongly for the electorate.

The Mission

As an Independent, my mission is to listen to individuals and groups within Eden Monaro to hear the issues at a grass roots level;  always advocate for the community; push as hard as we can to achieve a sustainable, well planned and economically viable Electorate.

Why not a party?

Political parties are designed to adhere to a particular ideology. This means the policy is determined by the parties, not by the candidates and party candidates must adhere to those policies, whether or not they are in the best interests of the community.

Andrew and Alisa Thaler

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Dean Lynch Corrupt and a LIAR.

Dean Lynch Corrupt and a LIAR.


Dean Lynch is Corrupt. So is the General Manager of the Cooma Council...

The corruption has been going on for years, and as you would expect, very difficult to prove from the outside. I get information from the inside... it's not all hearts and flowers inside the Cooma Council.

I reported the multiple asbestos contamination of Cooma Shire public lands (by Cooma Council Shire staff), who were following directions set down to them by the Engineers. My issue is not with the staff, it is with some of the Managers, Engineers, General Manager and the Mayor... Dean Lynch.

Dean is standing for the Palmer United Party in this federal election... and even this effort is predicated on a lie. He doesn't want to get in, he is waving the flag for the Senate contenders for PUP. I spoke to Dean on the night the election was called, to check if he had heard that the date had been set, and I recall him saying to me the following: "Yeah I got a message, yeah Fuck, I've had a gutful already. I just want it to be over".

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New Eden-Monaro independent standing for 'real people'

New Eden-Monaro independent standing for 'real people'

Ben Smyth Aug. 1, 2013 Bega District News

THE latest candidate for the seat of Eden-Monaro says he will have a better connection to the people of the federal electorate.

Andrew Thaler, of Nimmitabel, has thrown his hat into the ring as an independent for the upcoming federal election.

Mr Thaler runs a scrapyard in Cooma – he has been in business for 20 years, 15 of which have been spent on the Monaro.

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Voting Card Eden-Monaro

GROSMAIRE Daniel Independent
BENNETT Ursula Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)
FRIEND Don Veterans Party
BUCKLEY Ray Independent
HENDY Peter Liberal
RYAN Tamara The Greens
SEYMOUR Frankie Animal Justice Party
THALER Andrew Evan Independent
KELLY Mike Labor