Call for Australian National University to terminate employment for prof Denise Ferris

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Quoted from the Petition page here:

Why this petition matters

This petition calls for the Australian National University (ANU) to remove Professor Denise Ferris from her employment position.

A few days ago a video surfaced at a YES campaign event showing a verbal altercation between Andrew Thaler and Denise Ferris in which led her to spitting at him, an act which has gone viral on social media.

This vile act reflects a poor standard of professional conduct from the actions of Ferris who is seen as a professional employee of the Australian National University and an act which may see the pursuit of criminal charges against Thaler.

If this were anyone else in such a position, they would be removed from their position of employment, especially since this altercation is revolved around a sensitive issue.

We call for the ANU to terminate emolument for Professor Ferris as any inaction by the ANU will set a dangerous precedent enabling anti social criminal behaviour and could be seen as a reflection of the universities position essentially transgressing tgeir very own policy against violence and criminal activity.

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