Call for Australian National University to terminate employment for prof Denise Ferris

Petition Denise Ferris

Someone (don’t know who) started a petition… Quoted from the Petition page here: Why this petition matters This petition calls for the Australian National University (ANU) to remove Professor Denise Ferris from her employment position. A few days ago a video surfaced at a YES campaign event showing a verbal altercation between Andrew Thaler…

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Sydney Vote NO Rally

Andrew Thaler Sydney Rally 23-9-23

For everyone who couldn’t get to Sydney for this event – here’s the clip of my speech. There’s also a great full event livestream here thanks to TNT Radio:

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Yes supporter speaks out after ‘spitting’ video

Spitting Professor Denise Ferris

Apparently  ‘A university professor involved in an incident while volunteering for the Yes campaign believes the man who filmed the altercation set a “trap” for her.’… The  article also quotes “I felt intimidated at first. I asked him to stop, he was holding the camera out, using the camera like a weapon pointed at…

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Comedian Adam Hills weighs in on Yes supporter ‘spitting’ video

Comedian Adam Hills gives his 2 cents worth on a viral “spitting” incident involving a Yes campaigner, suggesting both sides were equally at fault.  Hmmmm…I guess you had to be there to see how the whole event unfolded… Read the story here:  

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Uni professor and Yes campaigner SPITS on No activist

Well that was interesting…a lovely Sunday market in Cooma…We provided information for and against the Referendum at our marquee, 20-30 metres away from the ‘Vote Yes’ and Labor party tents. They seemed to be always staring at us…then a lady came over from the Yes tent…walked around our info, photographed me and others at close…

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Yes campaigner’s bizarre justification for spitting

Emeritus Professor and Yes campaigner Denise Ferris spat on me, walked away with a smile on her face – clearly very happy with her actions, and then vehemently denied spitting on me!  Now she is justifying it…What is wrong with this woman? Read the Daily Mail’s article here: Denise Ferris: Yes campaigner’s bizarre justification for…

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