Yes supporter speaks out after ‘spitting’ video

Spitting Professor Denise Ferris

Apparently  ‘A university professor involved in an incident while volunteering for the Yes campaign believes the man who filmed the altercation set a “trap” for her.’…

The  article also quotes “I felt intimidated at first. I asked him to stop, he was holding the camera out, using the camera like a weapon pointed at me, and screaming ‘give me the bitch’s name’ and other expletives. I was more than terrified, he was literally in my face, I had a visceral response, a panic attack, fight or flight. I did not spit on him. I wanted to block his camera without engaging in physical contact. Flight? Am I to turn my back on him — no way, too scared of his actions, it was so traumatic.”

Golly!….Thank you for providing your readers with photos and video footage that clearly shows otherwise…

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Andrew Thaler