Petition Denise Ferris

Call for Australian National University to terminate employment for prof Denise Ferris

By Andrew Thaler | September 25, 2023

Someone (don’t know who) started a petition… Quoted from the Petition page here: Why this petition matters This petition calls for the Australian National…

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Andrew Thaler Sydney Rally 23-9-23

Sydney Vote NO Rally

By Andrew Thaler | September 24, 2023

For everyone who couldn’t get to Sydney for this event – here’s the clip of my speech. There’s also a great full event livestream here…

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Spitting Professor Denise Ferris

Yes supporter speaks out after ‘spitting’ video

By Andrew Thaler | September 23, 2023

Apparently  ‘A university professor involved in an incident while volunteering for the Yes campaign believes the man who filmed the altercation set a “trap” for…

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Comedian Adam Hills weighs in on Yes supporter ‘spitting’ video

By Andrew Thaler | September 22, 2023

Comedian Adam Hills gives his 2 cents worth on a viral “spitting” incident involving a Yes campaigner, suggesting both sides were equally at fault.  Hmmmm…I…

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Uni professor and Yes campaigner SPITS on No activist

By Andrew Thaler | September 21, 2023

Well that was interesting…a lovely Sunday market in Cooma…We provided information for and against the Referendum at our marquee, 20-30 metres away from the ‘Vote…

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Yes campaigner’s bizarre justification for spitting

By Andrew Thaler | September 21, 2023

Emeritus Professor and Yes campaigner Denise Ferris spat on me, walked away with a smile on her face – clearly very happy with her actions,…

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